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     "I had my hair done for my wedding my Marie at Blackstones! We made a few appointments 6 months prior to get my hair in good condition. I have very thin hair and Marie was very knowledgeable in which product and supplements I should be using and providing me with a really great hair routine to get my hair ready for the big day. She had great suggestions for a style that would work for my hair type and my look! I am also not the type of person that gets my hair done (natural look/wake up and go over here) and Marie was patient with me and my quest to find a style that would I would love. We had a hair trial (highly recommend you give yourself plenty of time here) as Marie could try a few options and we could tweak some things if needed. When it came time for the big day, Marie was organized, timely and very professional. I loved what she did and highly recommend going to her for your hair. Overall great experience!" Tara M., Google reviews Blackstones Salon Chelsea 

    "I hesistate to write this review because I'm afraid if I do... the secret will be out.  But, I must Yelp.  Why?  Because she deserves it.
That "she" is Marie at Blackstones.  The woman is amazing.  Since I moved to New York, I had a hard time finding someone to cut my hair.  Then I found Marie.  She was then at Bumble & Bumble where she persuaded me to ditch my Boston "soccer Mom" (my words, not hers) hairdo for something chic, edgey and funky. and more fitting of a woman living in New York City  Well.. that haircut changed my life.  I lost 20 pounds because my new hair didn't go with my old body, ditched all my cardigans and loafers.... and now I'm rollin with a different spring to my step.  It changed my entire look and I'm thrilled.  So is my husband.
She's now at Three Squares.  I will re-arrange my whole schedule to get an appointment when I need one.  Why?  Because she has the skill of a surgeon when it comes to your hair.  Book an appointment with her and you'll know what I'm talking about.  She is precise.  She takes her time.  She does not rush.  She... examines... every... hair.  No joke.   
She's so great that my husband now goes to her.  She's worth every penny.  Try it and you'll see" Katherine P., Yelp
     "Okay - so I'm sure that Marie thinks I'm a bit unhinged as A. my last haircut (with another salon) gave me a pseudo-mullet B. I haven't received a "good" haircut since moving to NYC last July and C. my hair grows soooo slowly.
     So I was a little over-the-top with talking about what I wanted. But Marie was so cool about it. We sat down before she did anything and we talked about what had happened (trauma!) and what I wanted to do. She told me exactly what she was going to do and did it. But not before I had the best shampoo ever. Even as she cut my hair, she talked through what she was doing and as she styled it, she told me how I could recreate the look. Excellent. I've found my salon! (Finally. Whew.)" Sara E. ,Yelp
   "As a hairdresser I am extremely picky about my hair. So When I found out I was going to NYC, I decided that it was time I should be a client. I was directed to Marie. She asked about my hair. I told her what I like and what I don't like and That usually people cant cut my hair the way I want. So she made some good suggestions which I liked and calmed my nerves and I went to the shampoo station. After Marie took her time and really shaped my hair absolutely perfectly. She styled it amazing as well. I got two compliments walking back to my hotel! I highly recommend Marie, she is worth every penny! I hate that I live across the country! I will be making a appointment every time I'm in the city" Mathew O., Yelp